Avalon matters

she’s like the wind

coming and going

won’t stop for

any other moment

takes up too much

time in life,

but we need to be

together before I

die and she aggresses


those monuments

so clearly tattered and broken

her heart bleeds black

after her beaming white dies

no apple man can replace it


I cry from the abyss

Avalon matters

like the wind to the sea

she will return

come back to me

I will shed these thoughts

once upon a night

of clouded judgment

won’t bear these marks

she cut my heart out

tin pieces tick-tock to me

lip-locked without a key

she remains ethereal

hopelessly voided

forever will my heart be asunder


Five Minutes Left

five minutes left, yet, i’m still waiting

five minutes left, and you’re still hating

that goddamn monkey on your back

as he keeps plunging the knife

stop all the nightmares from coming to attack

the fears out number us but it won’t end in strife

i’ll clean up this place like nobody’s business

and they’ll still blame me for all of the shit