Review of _Skyline_ (2010)

This movie has a very limited amount of good sequences. I give the cast & crew that. But that is where it stops. The beginning was not horrible, the characters clueless to what is happening, the audience along for the ride.

Then things turn for the worse. By rewinding 15 hours, the audience has to endure some awful story building (a reunion of friends & a birthday party) that really has nothing to build the story. Unless character develop, adding nothing to the story. The fact there are aliens invading negates all reason to care about the people in the story as more than just people.

The writers could have had all the characters in a hotel. & have not relationship between most of them (Keeping up with the couples would be the only keep). I felt as if some of the characters were written simply to die.

The pre-invasion story takes up the first 30 minutes. (Truthfully, if you want to watch an action movie without a story, start in a half-hour. Now understand, you could just watch a good sci-fi movie, like Alien.) The movie turns into destroy-all-humans & to the point where you want something to give. There are two moments of cheers that turn quickly into jeers. One is Jarrod’s “power” maybe somehow saving the day. The other is the axe to an alien’s head.

And now the ending… it isn’t something I liked. It was really vague as will I be for if you deem it necessary to actually sit through the movie. There was not closure. No catharsis. Too many questions left open, as if a sequel had a chance. (I doubt even a straight-to-DVD part II.) See, there’s something about the light & the colors that make sense to the producers, but lacks translation on screen.

One major change, which would’ve helped make this movie better is, for instance, instead of flashing back 15-hours to show the humans pre-invasion, the audience should have been sent back 15 or more hours to the last invasion on some other planet these aliens destroyed, to explain the aliens more.

Most alien invasion movies keep suspense & high-action, but also give the audience some sort of explanation to the aliens, through a scientist or crazy person. It doesn’t have to be reliable, just something in which to cling. But Skyline doesn’t. I even question it’s title.

(Foot note: The Netflix summary is wrong. The main character is not Donald Faison’s character Terry, but his friend Jarrod played by Eric Balfour)

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